HITELAP International Zrt.
1116 Budapest, Kondorfa u. 6-8.
Tel.: +36-1-204-7863



Hitelap Inc. as a producer of high quality Printed Circuit Boards offers to its clients numerous useful services: examination of incoming production data, determining the producibility of the product and recommending corrections if problems arise.

Furthermore, within the technological and technical services performed electronic, visual and instrumental examination, which are available separately from the production upon special agreement.

In the category of commercial services we can offer to our client’s assembly (even procurement of parts) as well as distribution of less expensive PCB’s produced in Asia. As an added benefit we are performing the electronic checks in our laboratory on cards not produced in HITELAP and deliver them to our clients with certification of guarantee.



At Hitelap we produce from single up to 22 layer high quality PCB’s. From prototypes, small, middle series to large series production. We operate with almost every available production process with state of the art surface finishing techniques (chemical and galvanic gold, leaded and unleaded fire ionising and chemical tin) all according to customer requirements. In reference to line drawings and lead width we are able to achieve the minimal values of 100 µm. As for the base materials and other materials we use exclusively the highest quality available on the market ( Isola, Atotech, Tayo, Kodak, Peters, etc… ).

As a company handling potentially harmful materials to the environment and in response to the current trends we are applying and regularly auditing the latest standards in quality management system (ISO 9001:2008) and environmental protection system (ISO 14001: 2005).

About us


HITELAP Inc. is the largest Hungarian owned company producing Printed Circuit Boards, located in former “Hungarian electronics capital” Budapest, and it has been in the market for 23 years. Our goal is to operate a fast and flexible company in the heart of Europe, with the ability to fulfil high quality production demands. Producing single and double layered cards in 24 hours or multi layered cards in three days clearly demonstrates our flexibility and efficiency whilst at the same time hundreds of other cards are produced simultaneously. One of the most eloquent examples of our versatility is that in Europe among very few companies we are able to produce copper layers up to 400 µm and certain technologically unique cards. As a result of continuous development today we are able to produce flexible as well as rigid-flex PCB’s.